2 Natural Foot Sprays To Help Ward Off Athelete's Foot

Athlete's foot can be a challenge to fully remove because it thrives in environments that are wet and damp. Therefore, wearing closed shoes too often can lead to the fungus infection. In addition, walking around with damp feet will also increase your risks of developing the infection. If you suffer from sweaty feet, then you may have to endure the fungal infection more frequently than other individuals. Fortunately, there are a few natural foot sprays that you can use to help ward off athlete's foot. [Read More]

What Could Have Caused These Ingrown Toenails?

For people who rarely get ingrown toenails, it can be a shocking mystery. The condition is sometimes assumed to be part of bad grooming, but it's a disaster that can affect people that are simply in troublesome circumstances. Take a look at a few problems that could have lead to ingrown toenails and other toenail growth form problems to get a better idea of what to avoid once the problem is fixed. [Read More]